Welcome to The Dokuritsu Shojindan FoundationWELCOME TO THE DOKURITSU SHOJINDAN FOUNDATION

Dokuritsu Shojindan Foundation (Independent Sho Artists) was founded in 1952 by Teshima Yuhkei (1901-
1987), one of the most-esteemed contemporary Sho (Japanese calligraphy) artists of Japan.
Each member of our organization is dedicated to study and create Sho works to be appreciated not only in
Japan but also by artists and people of the world.

We are trying to create a model, which differs from the traditional concepts of this art form. Our powerful emotions, which move us, and our thoughts, which we encounter in everyday lives, are what we strive to express through Sho works. This is in contrast to the traditional Sho, based on Kanshibun (poems using
Kanji Chinese characters).

In order to express our emotions and thoughts clearly we must choose the proper Kanji character(s). Each
Kanji character is an ideogram with its own meaning. There are tens of thousands of Kanji characters and
there are various script styles of writing. It is important to choose the proper character(s) and the proper
script style. Sometimes we choose only one character, and other times we choose a combination of

The most important thing is that one's emotions and thoughts are effectively and aesthetically expressed
in the form. In other words we are striving for Shohsho, a concept created by Teshima Yuhkei. Shosho is
Sho that express style, form, emotion or thought in the most accurate manner.

Dokuritsu Shojindan Foundation, which is a non-prpfit organization, has about 3000 members throughout
Japan. Annual exhibitions and seminars are held for all members.